Are you numinous yet?


Ellie's petals, Taos, New Mexico, September 2010.

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the word numinous is an adjective derived from the Latin numin-, numen (1647) and means:


2 : filled with a sense of the presence of divinity  : HOLY

3 : appealing to the higher emotions or to the aesthetic sense  : SPIRITUAL

It is my belief that the numinous is available to us at any given moment. We need only to tune in, as one would adjust a radio dial, to touch the divine. It is around and within us; it never leaves us; it is us.

Receptivity helps. Stillness helps. But so does playing catch with your beloved dog, dancing while no one is watching, sharing tea with a loved one, sewing an incredibly beautiful cocktail dress, reading poetry out loud, or stepping outside on a cold winter’s night to visit the stars. Anything that softens your heart and opens it, that invites in peace or joy, puts us in touch with the numinous.

What small step will you take today to dive into your own numinous waters?


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  1. breathing in . . . and breathing out . . . beauty

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