Let it snow


Snow Buddha, Taos, New Mexico, February 2006.

Snow is water, too. Here in the high desert where I dwell, we pray all winter for it to come, knowing that the amount of its runoff will determine our nearness to or distance from drought for the rest of the year.

I like to think about how, beneath the soft snow blanket, the frozen farmlands lie fallow, the underground streams slow down, the daffodil and iris bulbs doze. Up on top, a quiet crystalline beauty prevails.

Then everything in the rubbish-heaped world
Is a bridesmaid at her miracle.
Dunghills and crumbly dark old barns are bowed in the chapel of her sparkle.
The gruesome boggy cellars of the wood
Are a wedding of lace
Now taking place.

~ Ted Hughes (from “Snow and Snow”)

The wedding is short; spring will come; snow will melt into liquid life.

Blessed be the frozen waters of this day. Blessed be the sleeping beauty that lies beneath them. Blessed be the deep-cold temperatures that allow our earth Mother to rest and rest.


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