Guest artists: Wind Spirit Drum

Hey Lopa

“Hey Lopa” is a traditional Lenape rowing song that was sung as we traveled down the streams and rivers of the upper Northeast. Hey means “hello,” and lopa loma means “rowing.” The repetition is an echo–those rowing in front would sing, then those behind us would sing back, so we would know they were there. Then we would all sing together.

“Happy rowing together”–basically that’s what we’re singing. When we put our wooden paddles, which are the grandmothers and grandfathers, down into the sipu, or river, we are being as one with the waters. ~ from an interview with Windwalker

Wind Spirit Drum is an award-winning family musical group who share their Eastern Woodland Native American culture and music through their performances in both their languages of origin and in English. Windwalker, of Lenape, Mi’kmaq, Cherokee and Oglala Lakota Sioux descent, is the group’s flutist and singer. Edoal Spirit Buffalo, of Mi’kmaq and Cherokee heritage, is their drummer and drum keeper. The couple’s daughter, Anagqus, dances traditional Cherokee dances live to her parent’s music. Their song “Grandfather,” from their CD Ancient Winds, won a 2010 Native American Music Award for Best Single.

“Hey Lopa” music video was filmed by director/editor Christopher Crosby (musicseenPROductions) on location at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota in June 2010. For information contact Karla LaRive, Studio West Management, at


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  1. That chant would definitely keep the canoe on course ~

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