The sound a tsunami makes

In solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Japan, I invite you to check out Listening to the Deep Ocean Environment, the website of the bioacoustics LIDO project, which monitors seafloor sounds of geohazards and “the human and natural contributions to marine ambient noise.” On it you will find haunting recordings of the Japanese earthquake’s sounds beneath the ocean, taken from observatories at the island of Hatsushima and the port city of Kushiro.

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3 Responses to The sound a tsunami makes

  1. What a cool website. I’ve listened to whales and dolphins underwater before, so it was amazing to just call it up by pushing a button.

  2. Sylvius says:

    Hello dear

    I’d like to check out the haunting sound you mentioned, but hardly found the sound on that webpage.
    could you plz introduce me specifically to the page with mercy ?? ;(

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