Meetings of the waters

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For centuries humans have recognized the special energies present at the places on the earth where different bodies of water meet and join. Shrines are built in these locations, ceremonies held, healings requested, offerings given and received.

Here in northern New Mexico where I live, the Río Grande, the Río Pueblo de Taos and the Río Fernando de Taos create their own holy vortexes in the swirling crossroads where their great waters come together. This past weekend, I participated in a special Spring Equinox workshop called “Healing the Waters,” in which third-generation Lenape/Mi’kmaq medicine woman Windwalker (HW Guest Artist 2/24/11) shared her people’s traditional techniques of healing internal and external waters. Yesterday, the third and final day of the workshop, our class traveled to several river crossroads to pray, rattle, drum and make offerings and to bring our own healing intentions to the waters. I am still processing the powerful energies that the fierce March winds moved through us and will write more about the experience in a future post. In the meantime, I invite you to peruse some of the images of our time together in sacred play.


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4 Responses to Meetings of the waters

  1. Sharon Rodgers says:

    Windwalker, you look beautiful!!

  2. Loved seeing how you honored the Spring Equinox. We did several events ~ Mayan ceremony, Aztec dancing, and co-creating a fire ceremony & planting of seeds. A friend in Hawai’i did a kirtan. Another friend gathered a circle of women. Thus we begin this new year, strengthening the forces of Life.

  3. Barbara Oliveira says:

    Windwalker you are beautiful. Who would have thought the medicine woman who gave me wings would be where you are now. Your songs “Grandfather” is lovely have listened to it many times.Yoou know how I feel about “Amazing Grace”. I love you all

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