Dr. Masaru Emoto: “Continue to do the water ceremony for Fukushima…for ten more days”

Fukushima's reactor 4.

My message went around the whole world with tremendous speed, and the feedback of resonance which so many people participated in the prayer to water returned to me. The number of the feedbacks that I know for certain is at least more than 100,000.

As a matter of fact, it is important that we make this movement grow bigger and let many more friends learn about it.  So I would like to continue to do the water ceremony for Fukushima Nuclear Plant for ten more days and will offer the prayer every day at noon between the 1st and the 10th of April with you all.

To refresh our conscious mind of everyday prayer, please let me suggest that we change the words each day. From many ideas and opinions that so many people have given me, I would like to select one to inform you.

The word of prayer of today, April 1st, is as follows:

To waters facing toward Fukushima Nuclear Plant,
We are sorry,
Please forgive us,
We thank you,
And we love you.

Masaru Emoto
Messenger of Water
April 1, 2011

Tokyo Electric Power Company photo of Fukushima reactor 4 from http://gizmodo.com.

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