Dr. Masaru Emoto: April 5 words of prayer


Dr. Masaru Emoto offers prayers before shipping out boxes of "Love and Gratitude Water" to afflicted peoples of Japan.

Dr. Masaru Emoto reports on his blog that his organization has shipped boxes of “Love and Gratitude Water” to people in the afflicted areas of Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate prefectures in Japan. “Thoughts of love and gratitude gathered from all over the world…were sent to you as a form of water,” he said. “If anybody around you needs this water please let us know. We will be happy to ship another box for free.”

Dr. Emoto’s call for noontime prayers to the radiation-contaminated waters of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant began on March 31 and will continue until April 10. Here are his suggested words of prayer for April 5.

To all people on the earth, we are water.
Let’s become one by offering love and gratitude to water.
Water is what connects everything.

(To yourself)
I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
I thank you,
And I love you.

Dr. Masaru Emoto
Messenger of Water
April 5, 2011

Photo of Dr. Emoto from the website http://emotopeaceproject.blogspot.com.


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2 Responses to Dr. Masaru Emoto: April 5 words of prayer

  1. I suppose it has not escaped your notice, Diana, that you set up this Holy Waters blog in righteous time to be of service for these momentous events.

  2. Diana Rico says:

    Thank you, Rebecca. I was strongly guided to do so, on the Winter Solstice. I’m just following orders! 🙂 Which you know all about.

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