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Guest artist: Margaret Laurena Kemp

A Negro Speaks of Rivers My play A Negro Speaks of Rivers, from which this video clip is excerpted, ties together personal and ecological history, revealing that water and land use issues are also culture and race issues. Low-income, urban America is … Continue reading

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Water: the next peak oil?

Will water be the next peak oil? Can anyone really own water? These are some of the questions filmmaker Irena Salina investigated as she traveled from South Africa to Bolivia, from India to the American Midwest, to make her award-winning … Continue reading

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Gone fishin’

A dear water-sister has come to visit me in El Templo de las Sirenas del Desierto (the Temple of the Sirens of the Desert). She swam all the way from California to New Mexico, through miles of desert sands and mountain … Continue reading

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Guest artists: Christopher Crosby and Karla LaRive

We Are the Land a documentary film by Christopher Crosby Governments and the uranium industry say the mining and milling of uranium provides high-paying and much-needed jobs in some of the most remote areas of the country, with manageable environmental … Continue reading

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Catch a wave and you’re sittin’ on top of the world

Mike Parsons is a champion surfer who famously surfed a 66-foot wave at Cortes Bank, California, in 2001. In 2008 he broke his own record, riding a 70-plus-foot wave at Cortes. This video shows him surfing the wave Jaws at … Continue reading

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Guest artist: Luis Gilberto Rico-Ballester

Water love This is an excerpt from a memoir-in-progress. My early recollections of my dad, whom  I always addressed as Papá, suggest an insatiable obsession with water and anything associated with it. His name was Pedro Osvaldo Rico Cardona. He … Continue reading

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Our water is our life

Advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi has partnered with the BMG Foundation to create the “Our Water, Our Life” conservation initiative in Saudi Arabia, a region whose freshwater resources are dwindling (as they are in much of the world). According to … Continue reading

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