Calling all devas!

Vishnu surrounded by devas and ansuras churning the cosmic Ocean of Milk, Angkor Wat temple, Cambodia. (From

Last week, in response to the ongoing, uncontained Wallow fire in Arizona, a call went out for humans to collaborate with the devas of the earth, fire, air and water to help contain the blazes. The word devas comes from the Sanskrit and can be translated as “celestial or shining ones.” In the Vedic religion of India, the devas represent forces of nature or moral values. Many contemporary Westerners, however,  are familiar with the concept of devas through the work of Dorothy McLean, one of the founders of the Findhorn Foundation, a pioneering eco-spiritual community in Scotland. In 1963, in her daily meditations, McLean began to receive communications from nature spirits, or “elementals,” who let her know that they wanted to create cooperative relationships between themselves and humans. According to the Findhorn Foundation’s website:

As her communication with the forces of nature developed, Dorothy realised that she was in contact, not with the spirit of an individual plant, but with the ‘overlighting’ being of the species, which was the consciousness holding the archetypal design of the species and the blueprint for its highest potential. She was experiencing a formless energy field for which there is no word. The closest word to convey the joy and purity that these beings emanated was the inaccurate word ‘angel’ (which in the west is full of form), and her first thought was to call them that. However, the Sanskrit term ‘deva,’ meaning ‘shining one,’ seemed more accurate…. [Cofounder] Peter [Caddy] and Dorothy applied the insights of the meditations to their work in the garden, and through this the Findhorn garden flourished. These were the first steps in the Findhorn Community’s cocreation with nature.

Below Diana James, a geobiologist at the Academie of Sacred Arts and Sciences in New Mexico, outlines a lovely, simple procedure for connecting with these nature spirits and asking for their help.

Alert: Call for Devic Intervention/Assistance for the Arizona fires by Christan Hummel on Wednesday, June 8, 2011, at 5:20 pm

This request comes from one of our original geobiology facilitators, Diana James, who is a very gifted devic energy worker.  Groups such as this have been very successful throughout the years in working co-creatively with Nature to help explore other possibilities and offset the dangerous and damaging outcome of events such as this. Documentation of work like this around the world is on our website. This simple protocol is being requested of any who feel it in their heart to align in such a way.


As we were driving home from Sedona, Arizona, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, yesterday, I was concerned to see not only the extremely reduced  visibility in the sky, but my own respiratory distress in breathing the smoke generated by the “out-of-control wild-fires” in Arizona.  I also  felt something unnatural about the fires, something being “driven” with a harmful intent.  There are many theories regarding what caused these fires, and the bottom line is, it doesn’t matter at this point.

We need spiritual help to contain them, now.

Several years ago, I and my Sedona, Arizona, geobiology team were asked to help contain another out-of-control fire in Arizona, where I was living and working at the time.  We had a great degree of success with the following protocol, given to us by the devic realm in our area.  I am asking now that as many human beings as possible request assistance of  the devic and elemental kingdoms at this time to contain the fires in Arizona.  Here is what we were instructed to ask for in 2002, during the fires that were baffling veteran firefighters and sending flames over  500 feet into the air.  This situation is far worse than that one, and we need to mobilize as many people as possible to ask for assistance in containing/resolving this environmental emergency, now.

Please, in your own home, or in a group of any size, request the following, with the contingency that no harm is done to any of the elementals or devas involved:

Begin by acknowledging that we, the human community, have had an accident that may have started the fires, and we are requesting the assistance of the devic and angelic communities to cocreate addressing the environmental emergency precipitated by our actions.

Please ask for the Earth element to “eat” the fires, using the intense energies of the fires to fructify and fertilize,  to strengthen the earth in each affected area.  Give thanks for the earth elementals in utilizing their mastery to accomplish this in a way that brings beauty back to all.

Pleas ask the Atmospheric devas to calm the winds in the areas of the fires, or to direct the winds to blow the fires inward onto themselves instead of advancing into more territory.  Thank them for participating with us and lending us their mastery in this area.

Please ask for the Water element in each area to bring water up from beneath the ground to assist in humidifying the affected areas, and to magnetize and attract the necessary water, with no harm to neighboring areas, to assist in this project.  Thank all water elementals for their help and give your gratitude for the life-giving and preserving quality of water in your personal life as well as for the areas the fires are active in.

Please acknowledge the life-force of the Fires, ask the Fires to contain themselves, to live out their individual destinies, to consume only what they need to accomplish their work, and thank them for the transformational qualities they bring.

Please command the immediate neutralization of any and all unnatural human-generated controls/interferences in the creation/continuation of these “wild-fires,” and give thanks for the restoration of the balance of Nature in all of the affected areas.

Please ask for Devic Transition teams to assist with all of the living beings who have lost their lives in the fires.  Make your own prayers for all of the animals, trees, birds, insects, structures, etc. My own prayer is that the Goddess bless, heal and rebirth them when the time is right. Do whatever your heart leads you to in this regard.

Then please give your own personal offerings to our Devic and Angelic partners for their help and expertise in carrying out, to the best of their abilities, what you’ve asked them to do.  Make an altar in your own space with each element represented and offer songs, prayers, dances, water, fruit, fragrances, whatsoever you feel moved to offer them.  This will give them the “fuel” they need from our human community to accomplish what we’ve asked them to do without harm to themselves.

Thank you in advance for anything you do to participate in this event. Please forward these instructions to any friends and relations you feel guided to.

Diana D. James
Academie of Sacred Arts & Sciences
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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One Response to Calling all devas!

  1. I am aware there are really two different concerns here. On one hand are people who are terribly effected by the recent natural disasters, including this fire. On the other hand, there are long term natural cycles, including a fire cycle that are a necessary part of the functioning of global, regional, and local ecosystems. Certainly the forests of the Southwest burn periodically, making room for renewal. The prolonged drought, also part of long term cycles, has heightened the intensity and duration of fires. Additionally, newly introduced organisms have taken a high toll on conifers in the region. Many trees have died, or are dying, adding a great deal of fuel to any fire that occurs. Global climate change is likely contributing to both a drier and hotter climate regime in the Southwest, furthering the conifer decline and making fires more likely to occur. Finally, the rapidly increasing human population in the area both puts additional strain on very limited water resources, and places humans in harms way when fires happen. While I care deeply for the people in harms way, I question the ethics of requesting the divas to intervene repeatedly to interrupt natural cycles we find inconvenient.

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