Video of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s July 25 ceremony posted

"Salamandra" by ZeroGhost

On July 25, Dr. Masaru Emoto, the “Messenger of Water,” conducted a ceremony at Fukushima, Japan, to send thanks to the waters and to pray for world peace. Previously he had sent out a global call for people to join in from wherever they were and in whatever ways they felt would be effective. “I would like to thank you all people around the world for participating in this event and sending your own prayers with your people at your place,” Dr. Emoto wrote on his blog afterward. “Very moment when this ceremony started, we had an earthquake of magnitude 6.2. Though there was no effect, and we conducted this ceremony as if there had been no earthquake. I am certain that everyone’s prayer from around the world reached Fukushima and weakened the earthquake. Thank you very much for your prayers.”

The full two-and-a-half hour World Peace Prayer Ceremony was videotaped and is available for viewing on this UStream link.

“Salamandra” by ZeroGhost, a member of, was made in 1998 as the cover for an album by the same name by Colombian-Cuban jazz artist Claudia Gomez. Image is taken from the web post Olmec Giant Stone Heads Mystery Solved? and is used under a Creative Commons license

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