Guest artist: Suzy T. Kane

Earlier this week I posted an essay about the potency of tears, about how they bring us to a holy place inside from which change can spring forth (HW 11/15/11). This small poem by Suzy T. Kane seemed an apt follow-up. ~ Diana Rico

"We Are Making a New World" (1918) by Paul Nash


As if from a bubbling spring,
my tears are murmuring
the language of all
the rivers and streams
that join together
as they flow home.

For the past 20 years, writer-activist Suzy T. Kane has followed the U.S.-led wars in Iraq. They hit a special nerve because she was born and formed in Basra, Iraq, of an Iraqi father and a Missourian mother whose forebears pioneered America. Kane’s articles have been published by,, the magazine of the War Resisters League and other publications, and her letters about the wars have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Christian Science Monitor, Time magazine and elsewhere. She is currently writing a memoir about her parents’ Iraqi-American marriage.
“We Are Making a New World” was painted in 1918 by the British modernist artist Paul Nash as his response (one of many) to the devastation he witnessed on the battlefield in World War I. 


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