Guest artist: Melissa Crabtree

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Water Canyon

Launch the canoe at Mineral Bottom, northwest of Moab, Utah, in Canyonlands National Park. The Green River runs through Stillwater Canyon on this remarkable flat-water journey. It takes at least six days to paddle to Water Canyon, which is on river right. This trip was a silent retreat. Not one word was spoken for days. I brought a small guitar and stashed it in the bottom of my canoe. For the six days of silence, all I heard was the paddle gliding through the water and my mind’s chatter starting to clear another relationship that ended in sadness. I eddied out on river right and hiked up Water Canyon over huge boulders, through the prickly pear cacti and yucca plants to a turquoise waterfall. An oasis in the desert and a paradise for a broken heart and healing…a love song to Water Canyon.  ~ Melissa Crabtree

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I’m so glad to see you again
I forgot about you or that I was ever here
I was so hot I swam in your water
Cooled me off for about one year
And now you surprised me again in this desert
This time it’s nearing autumn cold
The water’s shallow but the creek’s still running
Someone tried to buy my heart but I never sold

So cool me off in that clean water
Let me rest in what I know is true
Never did I want to harm anybody
Just feel the joy in finding you

Swirling, ancient marks of time
Again the veins of solid rock
Can you contain me one more time?
I became so mad that I forgot


I won’t ever forget you again
I can find you down by the cottonwood trees
Flowing through the ledges of stone
Cool me off and set me free


Melissa Crabtree is a wilderness guide and a singer-songwriter whose music transports listeners to the wild, natural places she loves most. Crabtree has received songwriting awards at numerous festivals, including the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and the Kerrville Folk Festival, and she has been a finalist in the Songwriter’s Showcase at both the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival and the Tucson Folk Festival. She has shared the stage with many leading performers, including Joan Osborne, Ani DiFranco and Michele Shocked. Her CDs are available at iTunes and CD Baby.
“Water Canyon” © Melissa Crabtree and is used by permission of the artist. “Water Canyon” will be featured on Crabtree’s upcoming CD “The Day I Fell in the Water,” which she is raising funds for through Learn more about her new CD project and how you can support it here. For permission to reuse her music and lyrics, contact the artist at oceanmelissa [AT] gmail [DOT] com. 
The photographic series “Canyons of Green River” was taken for the U.S. Geological Survey in Canyonlands, Utah, ca. 1871, and is in the public domain.

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