Spiritual sustenance

Annette Kellerman as a mermaid (ca. 1915-25)

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean. ~ Arthur C. Clarke

We have just swum back to our wintry high desert home after a holiday visit to the glorious Pacific Ocean. Our eyes have remembered the golden sunlight glinting off the waters; our lungs have been filled with hearty salt air. Thus fortified, we will excitedly resume blogging very, very soon. Happy 2012!

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008) is best known for authoring the novel “2001: A Space Odyssey,” which he developed in collaboration with director Stanley Kubrick. Vintage photographic postcard is from the collection of the State Library of New South Wales and is reproduced from the library’s Flickr.com photostream, which also states: “Annette Kellerman (1886-1975), swimmer, aquatic performer and film actress, was born on 6 July 1886 at Marrickville, Sydney. She became a long distance swimmer and made a career of her swimming and diving show on stage and later in films. Her arrest in Boston in 1907 for wearing an ‘indecent’ one-piece swimming costume helped change the law for swimwear. Esther Williams later made a film based on her life called ‘Million Dollar Mermaid.’” 

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2 Responses to Spiritual sustenance

  1. Ellie Behrstock says:

    Oh, most memorable mermaid! Love that picture. Those Bostonians hadn’t before seen such a queen from the deep!

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