Guest artist: Charles Christopher, revisited

"Ponte Marcello" by Charles Christopher

A year ago I learned that my Los Angeles colleague, the photographer Charles Christopher, was making a wintertime pilgrimage to Venice, Italy, to fulfill a longtime dream of living in a stone house that he’d first seen and been captivated by as a fourteen-year-old boy. Charles’s subsequent journey of the soul resulted in an essay and a large portfolio of photographs, some of which were featured on HOLY WATERS (HW Guest Artist 3/11/11).

Recently I was excited to discover that Charles is now compiling a book of his Venetian images. And he shared on his own blog, The Eyes of Charles Christopher, that Nicolas Roeg, the renowned director of the 1973 Julie Christie-Donald Sutherland thriller Don’t Look Now–which takes place in a spooky, confusing Venice–had seen and commented on Charles’s work.  Roeg wrote:

The images of Venice capture the heart and sad reality of an extraordinary and unique city. Venice is so well-known and so many of the views of it have been reproduced, but usually just emphasizing the grandeur of some of the glorious buildings, bridges and piazzas. The result is a city frozen in time, with its living identity kept secret and unseen by the casual visitor or tourist. Your very moving and original images remind me of the time I spent there. Far more movingly and personally than any perfect composition featuring a famous landmark, shot to death by guided tour groups.

On his blog Charles wrote: “I was very moved to receive these encouraging words from the visionary filmmaker whose dark and stirring 1973 thriller, Don’t Look Now, made an indelible impact on me when I first saw it as a boy. The film and the city have stayed with me ever since.” Kudos to Charles–I can’t wait for your book. And to see a bit of Roeg’s vision of Venice, here is the English trailer for Don’t Look Now:

“Ponte Marcello” © 2011 by Charles Christopher; for permission to reuse, contact the artist at charleschristopherphoto [AT] gmail [DOT] com. “Don’t Look Now” trailer is embedded from

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