Guest artists’ work

Workspace, Fuengirola, Spain, October 2009.

SUBMISSIONS: HOLY WATERS welcomes guest artists whose work helps readers dive more deeply into numinous waters. If you have writing, music, soundscapes, photography, video or any other multimedia material you would like to submit for HOLY WATERS consideration and to which you hold the copyright, please contact curator Diana Rico at dianarico [AT] earthlink [DOT] net.

We would ask that you not submit at random; please swim through HOLY WATERS mindfully, noticing what resonates, and send us your work only if you think it will make us shimmer with delight.

Creative work from youth and children is encouraged. They are, after all, the people who will inherit and live with what the adults have done with the waters of the world. We are also very interested in waterworks from all cultural and spiritual traditions and from all points of the globe.

GUEST ARTIST COPYRIGHTS: All writings and other works posted by guest artists on this site are the copyright-protected property of the guest artists and may not be reprinted elsewhere without the explicit permission of the copyright holders. If you need to reach one of our guest artists for permissions and there is not contact information on their post, please write us at dianarico [AT] earthlink [DOT] net. We will gladly forward your request.