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Guest artist: Judith Arcana

  The Light on the Water by Judith Arcana (always, writers say, the light on the water shines like diamonds, shines like gold but the truth is that gold, and that diamonds want only to shine like the light on … Continue reading

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Overcome obstacles with the gentleness of water

  Nothing in the world is more gentle than water, yet nothing is stronger. Water nurtures life, yet cuts through solid rock. Overcome obstacles with the strength of gentleness. ~ The Book of Tao, 78 I’m lying down in my ashtanga yoga class, knees … Continue reading

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Guest artists: Vanessa Paloma and Gloria Abella Ballen

La Serena / The Mermaid This famous song of the Ladino [medieval Judeo-Spanish] repertoire is reminiscent of the mystic stories of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. The wonderful Siren in the window, who has the secret to love, is the answer … Continue reading

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Zen and the art of water tossing

Two hands, a glass of water and, sometimes, ink, a Phase One P45 camera and a Broncolor Strobe–these are the tools with which Shinichi Maruyama, a Japanese artist living in New York, captures the ephemeral motion of water through air … Continue reading

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Guest artist: Frank Whipple

  Frank Whipple is a Los Angeles-based, largely self-taught artist and bookseller, living comfortably with his wife, Gisele, father Frank (also an artist), and their adored cats in a very eclectically decorated house west of the 405. All works © Frank … Continue reading

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Let it snow

  Snow is water, too. Here in the high desert where I dwell, we pray all winter for it to come, knowing that the amount of its runoff will determine our nearness to or distance from drought for the rest … Continue reading

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Guest artists: William Hart McNichols and Mirabai Starr

Mother of God, Life-Giving Spring by Mirabai Starr Bright Madonna, my soul thirsts for the living waters. Illness and pain have brought me to my knees. I come to you broken, and broken open. Pour your grace into this shattered … Continue reading

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Are you numinous yet?

  According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the word numinous is an adjective derived from the Latin numin-, numen (1647) and means: 1 : SUPERNATURAL, MYSTERIOUS 2 : filled with a sense of the presence of divinity  : HOLY 3 : appealing … Continue reading

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New Year’s Ho’oponopono

  O Great Mother, We have abused you. Filled your body with toxic trash, Blasted your delicate membranes with sonar, Tested nuclear explosions in your womb, Raped your seabeds drilling for oil. We have poisoned your children, Your coral reefs … Continue reading

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